7th Meeting Minutes—May 05, 2020.

Date: May 05, 2020
Venue: Online (Via Zoom call)

Chairperson: Rastra Bhushan Khadka


1. Rastra Bhushan Khadka (President)
2. Saughat Pakhrin Lama (Vice President)
3. Supun Dahal (General Secretary)
4. Tilak Dhital (Treasurer)
5. Aastha Neupane (Member)
6. Saroj Tamrakar (Member) 
7. Barsha Dharel (Member)
8. Manusmriti Baral (Member)
9. Hemendra Bohra (Member)


1. Rajendra Khatri (Member)
2. Abhishek Basnyat (Member)


  1. COVID-19 Response Update
  2. Fundraising for Laptop
  3. SEBS Emergency Task Force
  4. SEBS Global Meeting Update
  5. Update on SEBS Database
  6. Any Other Business


  1. COVID-19 Response Update
    SEBS received almost 35 responses in the data collection so far. Out of which, 60% of the responses were from people willing to support for the cause.  From among the people looking for help, most were suffering due to job layoff and others needed help as they were undergoing scarcity of basic resources. Supun Dahal has responded via email to everyone and the executive team coordinated with other chapters of SEBS to address problems in their respective regions. Mr. Rastra Bhushan Khadka has corresponded and supported people who needed help in Nepal. We supported two members in Nepal. Some of the support request were forwarded to SEBS NA SEBS AU. The data collection and this initiative is still ongoing. 
  1. Fundraising for Laptop
    Budhanilkantha School had requested to SEBS to provide laptops for them to conduct online classes. They have specifically mentioned that they expect around 35 laptops from SEBS. These laptops will remain in school’s laptop pool and will be used by the teachers. Laptops will be booked as school asset. 

    In this regard, the executive committee has decided to issue a request to its members and conduct a donation drive. An email will be sent to batch representatives requesting for donation.
  1. SEBS Emergency Task Force 
    In order to manage the donation drive effectively, the executive committee has formed an Emergency Task Force. Our vice president Mr. Saugat Lama will lead this task force and Ms. Supun Dahal, Mr. Hemendra Bohora and Tilak Dhital will be in the team. One representative each from SEBS-UK, SEBS Australia and SEBS NA will also be a part of this team.

    The duty of this team will be to do the following:
  • Prepare a text for appeal for donation and send out emails to our members and also post it in SEBS Facebook page.
  • Explore and decide on which laptop will be suitable for school.
  • Look for computer providers, collect quotations from each and explore for the best available price.
  • Keep track of the donations and update with the members frequently.
  1. SEBS Global Meeting Update
    Mr. Rastra Bhushan Khadka updated on the SEBS Global Meeting. 

    The meeting’s discussion was concentrated with the current COVID-19 Pandemic and how SEBS can help its members. The meeting was held by SEBS with different SEBSers membership organization i.e. SEBS-NA, SEBS UK/EUROPE, SEBS Australia and as well as SEBSers from different countries link Japan, India, Spain. The SEBS

    Emergency Task Force was result of this discussion.
  1. Update on SEBS Database

    Rastra Bhushan Khadka, gave an update of the progress on the SEBS Database. The team has sent out email to batch representatives and many responses have started coming. The team will now conduct the following activities:
  • Get the data collected from SEBSers in a spreadsheet.
  • Have the data imported in some database (may be Relational Database, so that it will be easy to analyze the data and access it later)
  • Prepare the requirement specification for the web portal and app
  • Develop the web portal and app and connect it with the data.

    He also mentioned that the data would not be shared with anyone at the present. Data confidentiality will be maintained and will not be disclosed by the database team.

6. Any Other Business 

SEBS executive committee has received a request form Mr. Govinda Rai Dai from first batch in relation to his medical treatment. SEBS has decided to facilitate the donation drive by posting a donation appeal to its members. Members will directly deposit the donation amount in Mr. Govinda Rai’s bank account.

As all the agenda set for the meeting was discussed and there were no newtopics, the chairperson thanked the members for their time, wished everyone to stay safe and concluded.