6th Meeting Minutes—March 28, 2020.

Date: March 28, 2020
Venue: Online (Via Zoom call)

Chairperson: Rastra Bhushan Khadka


1. Rastra Bhushan Khadka (President)
2.Saughat Pakhrin Lama (Vice President)
3.  Supun Dahal (General Secretary)
4. Hemendra Bohra (Member)
5. Abhishek Basnyat (Member)
6. Rajendra Khatri (Member)
7. Saroj Tamrakar (Member) 
8. Barsha Dharel (Member)
9. Manusmriti Baral (Member)
10. Tilak Dhital (Member)
11. Aastha Neupane (Member)


  1. Resignation of Treasurer and appointment of new Treasurer
  2. COVID-19 Response 
  3. Update on SEBS Database


  1. Resignation of Treasurer and appointment of new treasurer
    Prabhat Giri, who has served SEBS in the position of Treasurer for than two years, has requested resignation from the post and the executive committee as he is leaving for Australia for his further studies. The president accepted his resignation letter and thanked for his contribution to SEBS.  The executive committee decided to appoint Tilak Dhital as the new Treasurer. The team congratulated him and will soon issue letter of appointment to Mr. Dhital.
  1. COVID-19 response 
    With the global pandemic hitting hard throughout the world, many SEBSers were affected directly or indirectly by this crisis. The executive team decided to take steps to support our community. The meeting decided to conduct the following activities:
  • To carry out data collection from members who are in need for help. The help could be financial, as people started to run out of money due to lockdown or job loss, or other support such as providing protective gear to health workers, mental health counseling, a space for isolation, and so on.
  • To request SEBSers to help other members in need and collect data of all the people who can help in any way.
  • Publish an official statement from the executive committee wishing well to all members during the pandemic and mentioning that the executive team is coming up with action plans to support fellow members.

    Mr. Rastra Bhushan Khadka will prepare an official statement and the Google form to collect the data as soon as possible and share it to the SEBS group.
  1. Update on SEBS Database
    The SEBS Database taskforce utilized the time of lockdown to collect information from the members to update in the database. The team had already prepared a form for members to fill and they reached out to members via SEBS Facebook page and personal connections. Mr. Rastra Bhushan Khadka also collected and updated the list of batch representatives and the team, under his leadership, is planning to conduct a meeting with batch representatives to expand this data collection project. 

As all the agenda set for the meeting was discussed and there were no new discussion topics, the chairperson thanked the members for their time, wished everyone to stay safe and take care and concluded.