SEBS Database

Various stakeholders have identified the need for a central SEBS database. Over the years, many SEBSers have volunteered their time and worked tirelessly to develop what is now a functioning database. Special thanks to all the SEBSers who contributed to this undertaking, including our core team.

As of September 2021, SEBS has successfully collected general information for over 28% of its members (of approx. 4500). We believe that all this information will help us support our networks in more effective and specific ways. Some of the ways in which we envision this database being important are for professional and academic networking, and personal networking (staying in touch, referrals for services, connecting over shared interest). To learn more about data privacy and security, please check the Data Security and Protection Policy

The database is as effective as we make it by sharing our information so that fellow alumni can reach out to us and connect. We encourage you to support this effort by signing up here and including or updating your information. If you have registered already, please feel free to login here.