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Contributions from alumni have been the backbone of SEBS since its establishment. While we are committed to the process of developing financial sustainability in the long run, we are also very aware that we will continue to need financial and in-kind support from our alumni networks. Over the years, SEBS has successfully raised funds to support fellow alumni in need, to respond to natural disasters like the 2015 earthquake, and more recently to respond to the impacts of COVID-19.

Current options to contribute include:

If you have questions or would like to explore long-term support to SEBS, please contact the SEBS President at

Donations can be made at:

Account Name: Society of Ex Budhanilkantha Studen
Account Number: 01906018790017
Bank Name and Branch: Himalayan Bank, Thamel

You can also make an e-payment by scanning this QR code.

​​If you are outside of Nepal, you can make donations to SEBS-NA, SEBS-AU, SEBS-UK/Europe. To donate to SEBS-NA follow this link:

Support For Mugu.

Lui Samaj of Mugu, through our member Mohan Karki 258B, has requested SEBS for funds to help the residents of Khatyad gaun palika of Mugu. The flood resulting from the torrential rains in October 2022 destroyed more than 1200 ropanis of farmland and ready-to-harvest crops in Ward 11. Without assistance, residents will face acute food shortages.
SEBS has been asked to provide 50 bags of rice, which is approximately Rs. 90,000 (including transport).
We invite all our members to contribute to this cause.
To donate,
Himalayan Bank Thamel Branch Society of Ex-Budhanilkantha Students 01906018790017 or else you can donate through e-Sewa by using the following QR code.
We appreciate your generosity and support to make this initiative a success. Our response will be coordinated by Mohan Karki 258B
Thank you very much.

To Donate: Scan the Qr Code