SEBS Circle

  • Budhanilkantha School

  • Budhanilkantha School Endowment Fund
    Budhanilkantha School Endowment Fund is registered in the U.S. as “a Maryland corporation not for profit and without capital stock,”  501(c)(3), tax-exempt status. It was established with “the sole purpose of supporting, in perpetuity, the operating and infrastructure needs of our alma mater – Budhanilkantha School in Kathmandu, Nepal,” with the goal of ensuring “the school continues to be the Centre of Excellence in educating Nepali children from all parts of the country.”  It provides a platform for alumni to “make meaningful and long-lasting contributions towards the school in a sustainable manner.”

  • Friends of Budhanilkantha School

  • SEBS-NA, SEBS-UK/Europe, SEBS-Australia
    In addition to SEBS in Nepal, there is a combination of SEBS-related entities that are formal, legal entities in the country of their origin (e.g., SEBS-North American, SEBS-Australia) and informal networks (e.g., SEBS-Japan).

    SEBS-North America (SEBS-NA): Established in July 2000 as a non-profit organization, they are “alumni and friends of Budhanilkantha School in different parts of North America.” SEBS-NA is registered as a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization in the US. They are dedicated to “1) providing assistance to our members in North America, 2) conducting social service programs in Nepal and North America, 3) helping Budhanilkantha School to meet its educational objectives and 4) being an organization dedicated to better coordination and leadership among various Nepal-related associations in North America.” SEBS-NA’s goals are articulated as member service, social service in Nepal and North America, BNKS development, and leadership, are in line with SEBS vision, mission, and objectives.

    SEBS-Australia (SEBS-AU) was formally established and registered in 2014 with a mandate similar to  SEBS and SEBS-NA.

    Additionally, there are informal networks of SEBSers, that are not registered as a legal entity, including SEBS-UK/Europe, SEBS-India (Bangalore), SEBS-Japan, SEBS-Canada. For example, although not formally registered anywhere, alumni in the UK have been “socially gathering since Dipendra Shah’s (the then crown Prince, 800A) time.” SEBS-UK/Europe has become more active since 2015, with at least an annual group get-together. The group works on creating wider networking of SEBSers within UK and Europe and assisting SEBSers and BNKS associates within UK/Europe as and when required.

  • Budhanilkantha Business Cooperative Savings and Credit Ltd. (BBC)
    BBC, an initiative led by 900A batch members, was registered at the Department of Cooperatives of Government of Nepal in November 2009 with the recommendation/referral from SEBS. BNKS alumni and their families (who can be signed up as honorary members) can get membership. BBC offers a deposit scheme called “SEBS Support Deposit,” whereby a SEBS member can deposit a certain amount in their individual accounts (normal saving or fixed) with the provision of a specified percentage of the interest going to SEBS as per the decision of the depositor.

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