17th Meeting Minutes—Jan 28, 2023.

SEBS 17th General Meeting 

Date: Jan 28, 2023
Venue: Leapfrog Technology, Dillibzar
Chair Person: Hemendra Bohara 
Meeting Brief: The 17th meeting of the SEBS executive committee (2021-2023), chaired by president Hemendra Bohra, deliberated and decided on various agenda. 
Meeting Attendees:
1.Hemendra Bohra 
2.Suman Oli (9212 D) 
3.Dhan Bahadur Lama (626 A) 
4.Tilak Dhital 
5.Aditi Singh 
6.Priyanka Sharma (345 D) 
7.Shamir KC (2129 E) 
8.Nitanta Bista 
9.Saroj Tamrakar
10. Sunnie Joshi

1.Nayan pokhrel (Member)
2.Mallika Pudasaini (Member)
3.Suman Mandal (Member)

1. Prem Shahi Case
2. Alumni Building Commitee Post
3. Secretary Fund Budget
4. Upcoming Events
5. Financial Update

Discussions And Decisions

1.Prem Shahi Case:
The family has agreed to move forward with a PR.
A general statement, not implicating anyone, will be released by the end of this week.

2.Alumni Building Committee Post:
There have been no recent updates.
The plan to collect donations from batch representatives needs to be revisited soon.

3.Secretary Fund Budget:
A plan has been established to collect funds from each batch: 60k from first 20 batches, 50k from next 5 batches, and 40k from the remaining batches.
Tilak has created a summary of financial information to share with Neha and Sushmita.
Sushmita will provide financial updates in the future.

4.Upcoming Events:
The next networking event will be focused on the Architecture/Engineering sector.
Tilak will lead the planning and execution of the event.

5.Financial Update:
Several important payments are overdue:
-Due payment to Chandraman Maharjan Dai
-Payables to the HR Consulting
-Settlement of payables under miscellaneous headings (rent, office expenses, etc.)
No decisions were made regarding payment release.
The decision regarding the fixed deposit of SEBS will be discussed with the legal team and decisions will be made in the next ExCom meeting.