16th Meeting Minutes—Jan 08, 2023.

SEBS 15th General Meeting 

Date: Jan 08, 2023, [24th of Poush 2079] 
Platform: Teams 
Chair Person: Hemendra Bohara 
Meeting Brief: The 15th meeting of the SEBS executive committee (2021-2023), chaired by president Hemendra Bohra, deliberated and decided on various agenda. 
Meeting Attendees:
1.Hemendra Bohara (President)
2.Vijaya Tamrakar (Vice- President
3.Tilak Pradad Dhital (Treasurer)
4.Rastra Bhusan Khadka (IPP)
5.Dhan B. Lama (Member)
6.Aditi Singh (member)
7.Nitanta Singh Bista (Member)
8.Saroj Tamrakar (Member)
9.Shamir Khatri Chettri (Member)

1.Priyanka Sharma (General Secretary)
2.Nayan pokhrel (Member)
3.Mallika Pudasaini (Member)
4.Sunnie Joshi (Member)
5.Suman Mandal (Member)

1. Adding up Mobile banking and Internet Banking Services and  Connect IPS
2. Changing Signatories of General Secretary
3. Any other Business: 

Discussions and decisions 

1.Adding up Mobile banking and Internet banking Services and Connect IPS
Following the discussion, this team decided to use Mobile banking, Internet Banking and Connect IPS on Himalayan Bank’s Thamel branch , Mahalaxmi Bank’s Durbar Marg branch, Civil Bank New Baneshor Branch. The meeting agreed through this agenda that Mr. Tilak Prasad Dhital, one of our treasures, would have the power to conduct transactions through mobile banking. We will be using this treasurer@sebs.org.np email and the following mobile number 9802344061 to provide mobile banking services.
2.Changing Signatories of General Secretary
We appointed Ms. Priyanka Sharma as the new general secretary following the resignation of Ms. Pratiksha Sharma as the previous one. At this meeting, it was also resolved to replace the signatures on both accounts, namely Himalayan Bank, Thamel Branch, and Mahalaxmi Bank, Durbargmarg Branch. Ask Ms. Priyanka Sharma, the recently appointed general secretary, to perform all necessary tasks in a similar manner.
3.Any other Business:
The meeting ended since there were no more subjects to be covered.