18th Meeting Minutes—25th Feb 2023

Date: 25th Feb, 2023 

Venue: SEBS office Golfutar 

Meeting Brief: The 18th meeting of the SEBS executive committee (2021-2023), chaired by president Hemendra Singh Bohra, deliberated and decided on various agenda.    


  1. Hemendra Singh Bohra 
  2. Tilak Prasad Dhital 
  3. Priyanka Sharma  
  4. Nitanta Singh Bista 
  5. Sunnie Joshi 
  6. Vijay Raj Tandukar 


  1. Financial Update for Month of Magh 
  2. Extending budget for quotation in Financial Policy 
  3. Opening library in office 
  4. FD Decision on another convenient bank 
  5. Deciding event for Womens Day – March  
  6. Alumni Building 
  7. Inclusiveness 
  8. BBC 


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