15th Meeting Minutes—Jan 08, 2023.

SEBS 15th General Meeting 

Date: Jan 08, 2023, [24th of Poush 2079] 
Platform: Teams 
Chair Person: Hemendra Bohara 
Meeting Brief: The 15th meeting of the SEBS executive committee (2021-2023), chaired by president Hemendra Bohra, deliberated and decided on various agenda. 
Meeting Attendees:
1.Hemendra Bohara (President)
2.Vijaya Tamrakar (Vice- President
3.Tilak Pradad Dhital (Treasurer)
4.Rastra Bhusan Khadka (IPP)
5.Dhan B. Lama (Member)
6.Aditi Singh (member)
7.Nitanta Singh Bista (Member)
8.Saroj Tamrakar (Member)
9.Shamir Khatri Chettri (Member)

1.Priyanka Sharma (General Secretary)
2.Nayan pokhrel (Member)
3.Mallika Pudasaini (Member)
4.Sunnie Joshi (Member)
5.Suman Mandal (Member)

1.To preview of the MOU for the Alumni Building, click the link below: 
2. Internet Banking of Himalayan bank A/C and Connect IPS 
3. Prem Shahi (425 A) case,  
4. Request By Mohan Karki (258 B) For Mugu 
5. Payments to Chandraman 
6. Budhanilkantha Business Cooperative approval of Invitee Members 

Discussions and decisions 
1.No objection On Alumni Building MOU,s
The MOU between SEBS and BNKS has been approved by ex-com. However, members highlighted concerns regarding the parties’ respective legal obligations. Ex-comm has decided to create a standing committee for this project that will consist of 5-7 people, including ex-comm.

2.Internet Banking of Himalayan bank A/C and Connect IPS Approved
Ex-comm has made the decision to buy 4 SIM cards with the name SEBS, which will be used for mobile banking purposes and Connect IPS. Ex-com has chosen to provide sims for the positions of general secretary, treasurer, vice president, and president. The acquired sim cards, which will be utilized for the same purpose moving forward, shall be submitted after the working term of all the members.

3.Prem Shahi (425 A) case,
Ex-comm has made the decision to issue a press release about Prem Shahi’s (425A) case, stating that “we are concerned about you and your health, we are with you, and due process needs to be followed.” Additionally, it was decided to do this to boost the morale of the family without harming the Nepal Army.

4.Request By Mohan Karki (258 B) For Mugu Approved
SEBS has decided to provide NPR 40,000 as seed money in response to a request from Mohan Karki (258B) for Mugu. The remainder of the monies will be provided by fund raising under the name Disaster Relief funding (DRF). Any additional contributions will be put under the same DRF and used going forward for comparable relief programs.

5.Payments to Chandra man
Ex-comm made the decision to pay Chandra Man Shrestha the outstanding sums.
The Treasurer will make payments from an account that is practical for the Treasurer.

6.Budhanilkantha Business Cooperative approval of Invitee Members
Treasures will take the lead in the matter of Budhanilkantha Business Cooperative (BBC), according to ex-comm. He will be given the authority by SEBS to speak with and work with BBC regarding invitee members. To resolve the conflict between SEBS and BBC, Ex-com also planned to meet with BBC executive members.