14th Meeting Minutes—Dec 24, 2022.

SEBS 14th General Meeting 

Date: Dec 24, 2022

Meeting Attendees:
1.Vijay Raj Tuladhar
2.Hemendra Bohra
3.Tilak Prasad Dhital(Online)
4.Priyanka Sharma
5.Aditi Singh
6.Nitanta Bista
7.Shamir Khatri Chhetri
8.Dhan Bdr. Lama

Meeting Agendas
1.Resignation of old ExCom members
2.Introducing New ExCom members
3.Secretariat Update
4.Financial Update for Past Events
5.Future events
6.Alumni building
7.BBC’s request


1.Resignation of old ExCom members
●4080/D Prithvi Khadka has resigned from the ExCom team
●6168/D Pratiksha Sharma has resigned from the ExCom team
●7171/D Shreyeskari Pant has resigned from the ExCom team
“We would like to thank them for their assistance to the team and wish them the best of luck in the future.”

2.Introduction to New ExCom Members
●Three new members joined the ExCom committee on 24th December 2022
●3045/D Priyanka Sharma has joined as the General Secretariat of the SEBS ExCom team
●2055/E Aditi Singh has joined as a member
●8133/D Nitanta Bista has joined as a member
●We would like to welcome them to the team and wish them the best of luck during their time here.

3.Secretariat Update
●Two people are hired for the position of
Alumni Relation and Fundraising Coordinator- Neha Niraula
Student partnership and Admin coordinator-Susmita Pandey
Note: The new hires will be directly reporting to the SEBS president
●We’ve decided to talk more about whether we’ll give them SSF or CIT benefits at our next meeting.

4.Financial Update
A.Golden Jubilee(GJ)
●Golden jubilee celebration had three parties who were directly involved in financing the program:
➢SEBS itself made an expenditure of RS. 2,35,871.45/-
➢BNKS provided food, lodging, and other logistic help costing nearly RS. 6,12,700/-
➢The merch expenditure costing RS 5,38,106.00/-
➢The Income from Merch is Rs. 1,97,700.00,
➢The total expenditure for the event was RS. 13,86, 677.45/-
➢The total income of around RS. 4,22,700.00/- was made
➢There was a loss of 9,63,977.45/- which will be compensated after requesting donations from general Members.
➢Anup Manandhar- 900A batch Rs. 30,000.00/-
➢Bimal Khadka- 300A Batch 30,000.00
➢Baliyo Nepal- Atul Dai RS 50,000.00
➢Santosh dai RS 15,000.00/-
➢Manakamana Cable- Rajesh Dai Rs. 1,00,000.00/-. ➢ Donations are yet to be received. B. SEBS Sandhya:
●SEBS Sandhya also had different parties involved financially to make that event a grand success.
●The expenditure was made under two headings:
➢Artist Expenditure Rs. 2,82,000/-
➢Administrative and logistic Rs. 3,51,257.75/-
➢This resulted in a total expenditure of Rs. 6,33,257.75/-.
➢The total income was Rs. 8,71,615.00/- where:
★Ticket Income Rs. 3,05,615.00/-
★Sponsorship Rs. 5,00,000.00/-
★Stall Income Rs 66,000.00/-
●The event went on profit with the amount Rs. 2,38,357.25/-
●SEBS Income and expenditure after Shrawan till Mangsir:
A total of RS 4, 18,829.90/- was made as the expenditure except for the event expenditure, and the a total of Rs. 1160458.75/- was the expenditure for the events(SEBS sandhya and Golden Jubilee).
●The total expenditure from the 1st of Shrawan to Mangsir 15 was Rs. 15,79,288.65/-.
●The income till that date was Rs. 12,62,000/- Made after Shrawan(September 10) till date i.e.
Mangsir(November 30)

5.Future Events
●Networking Event for Doctors- Nitanta will take the lead in organizing the event on 28th Jan 2022
●Felicitation to SEBSers who have won the local elections and other elections – Sameer will take the lead.
●Grand Alumni Sports Day- Let’s mobilize existing students and PE departments so that the invitation goes out from the school- Sarthak Neupane will take the lead, and Priyanka will support him.
We need to talk more about the types of activities we’ll keep.
●Other Events we can plan:
Networking Event for Engineers- add to the to-do list

6.Alumni building
●As per the meeting discussion, The School and SEBS have jointly agreed to the decision;
SEBS will make the fundraising, tender, design, contractor selection, supervision, and so on and hand it over to the school.
●The school will play no part in any of the above-stated activities.

7.BBC’s request
●We decided to discuss it in the next meeting.

●Need to Send out an email to the executive members to attend the meeting or at least formally respond to the call if they are unable to attend the meeting for various reasons- Administrator (Neha)
●Online Account and Expenses:
We need to keep a corporate number and Meeting minutes to apply for Online Bank
The with access to the number can make expenses but needs to keep the bill vouchers with a proper registration number on it
If in the future the expenses exceed Rs. 10,000, then a quotation must be raised first