13th Meeting Minutes—Sep 17, 2022.

SEBS 13th General Meeting 

Date: Sep 17, 2022 Venue: SEBS Office, Golfutar Chairperson: Vijay Raj Tandukar Meeting Brief: The 12th meeting of SEBS executive committee (2021-2023), chaired by the Vice president Vijay Raj Tandukar, deliberated and decided on following agenda.


1.Hemendra Bohra (President)
2.Pratiksha Sharma (General Secretary)
3.Tilak Dhital (Treasurer)
4.Dhan Bahadur Lama (Member)
5.Suman Mandal (Member)
6.Shamir Khatri Chettri (Member)
7.Saroj Tamrakar (Member)
8.Nayan Pokharel (Member)
9.Shreyeskari Pant (Member)

1.Vijay Raj Tandukar(Vice-President)
2.Sunnie Joshi (Member)
3.Prithvi Khadka (Member)
4.Mallika Pudasaini (Member)

1.AGM Logistics
2.Shreyeskari’s Loan Request
3.FOBS Representative from SEBS
4.Graduation of 3000E
5.Merch Selling
6.Golden Jubilee Celebration

Above mentioned agendas were discussed, and decisions were made accordingly.


1.AGM Logistics: The school has agreed to take care of the logistics such as sound system, projector, and other necessaries for AGM. The executive members are told to reach school at 7:45 for the pre-event of AGM that is Friendly Football Tournament in the middle pitch.

2.Shreyeskari’s Loan request: Shreyeskari Pant (7171D), has asked for the loan of Rs. 3,32,250 from the SEBS for her educational expenditure. He has promised to return the amount within a year. The executive committee agreed to provide her with the loan amount through the BBC (Budhanilkantha Business Corporative).

3.FOBS Representative from SEBS: Bikash Adhikari who is an alum and a parent to one of the students of Budhanilkantha school is nominated as FOBS representative by the SEBS. He is willing to take responsibility for the coming two years tenure.

4.Graduation of 3000E: The official notice for the graduation ceremony of 3000E batch is yet to come but it has been tentatively decided to be on the next week. So, the preparation of SEBS for the ceremony must be started immediately after the AGM is over. Membership cards should be printed, and sufficient SEBS merch (cup) should be ordered for the day.

5.Merch Selling: The merchandise of SEBS is designed and is ready to be sold. For the AGM, 300 T-shirts are printed, and the selling price for each T-shirt is set at Rs. 600. Whereas 100pieces of cups are made whose selling price per cup is set to be Rs. 500. More merchandise should be printed for the graduation ceremony of batch 3000E.

6.Golden Jubilee Celebration: Since the golden jubilee reunion is targeted for October 15-16, there are lots of things to be prepared for the event. So, the SEBS has decided to contribute upcoming one month completely for the Golden Jubilee Celebration and will be working under the guidance of Golden Jubilee Committee.