12th Meeting Minutes—Aug 27, 2022.

SEBS 12th General Meeting 
Date: Aug 27, 2022 
Venue: SEBS Office, Golfutar 
Chairperson: Vijay Raj Tandukar 
Meeting Brief: The 12th meeting of SEBS executive committee (2021-2023), chaired by the Vice president Vijay Raj Tandukar, deliberated and decided on following agenda. 

1.Vijay Raj Tandukar (Vice President)
2.Pratiksha Sharma (General Secretary)
3.Prithvi Khadka (Member)
4.Shamir Khatri Chettri (Member)
5.Saroj Tmarakar (Member)
6.Shreyeskari Pant (Member)

1.Discussion for AGM 2022

1.Discussion for AGM 2022
SEBS decided to organize its Annual General Meeting on September 17, 2022. The Ex-comm will have a discussion regarding this with the past presidents on September 3 and batch representatives on September 10. It was decided to publish the AGM news in Kantipur Daily on September 3. The invitations will be sent to FOBS, BOT members, SMC along with other dignities.
Further discussions will be held regarding AGM in informal meetings.