11th Meeting Minutes—Jul 30, 2022.

Date:Saturday, 30 July  2022

Follow up from 10th General Meeting (Recap & Update) 
1. Payment update for the condolence message in the Kantipur daily newspaper  
2. Update on Request for Co-working Space for Ujjwal Thapa Foundation (By Erica Adhikari) 
3. SEBS Networking Forum | Update on events  
4. Support requests by SEE grads and Olympiad participants 
5. FOBS Rep 
6. Constitution amendment 
7. SEBS policies 

New/Recent discussion for 11th General Meeting
1. Financial Update 
2. Scholarship for post SEE 
3. Works needed to be completed before AGM 
4. Regarding the death of sushil bhai: treating
5. Seeking financial support for SAT and college application (Kalpana 3000E) 
6. School’s strategic assessment update 
7. Possibility of Golden Jubilee Funds 
8. Support for clubs in school 
9. SEBS financial Policy approval which is shared in teams under the head finance
10. Budget approval- Will be shared with you by today evening   
11. Audit report- appointing auditor 
12. Youth leadership

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