Message From President

Dear SEBS members,

As the President of SEBS and a member of the School Management Committee, I want to address the concerns that have been raised regarding the admissions process at Budhanilkantha School.

There have been allegations and concerns regarding the admission of students in Grade 5. It has been reported that students not on the waiting list were admitted while those on the waiting list were overlooked. We take these concerns seriously and are actively working to address them.

I have been consulting with the past presidents of SEBS and maintaining regular communication with other SMC members. Yesterday, the SMC had a meeting with the school staff. As informed by the SMC Chair, the investigation will be conducted by the Ministry. I have been advocating for a formal SMC meeting to discuss the issue in detail.

I want to assure all SEBS members that we are fully committed to upholding the values and integrity of Budhanilkantha School. We understand the importance of a fair and transparent admissions process, and we will ensure that the concerns raised are thoroughly addressed.

The SEBS Executive Committee will be meeting tomorrow to discuss the matter. We are confident that a transparent and fair investigation will be carried out, and appropriate action will be taken based on the findings. We will closely collaborate with the SMC and other relevant parties to ensure a comprehensive resolution to this issue.

We appreciate your patience and support. We will provide timely updates on any significant developments.

Your concerns and suggestions are highly valued, so please continue to share them with us. Thank you for your unwavering dedication to the values and reputation of Budhanilkantha School.

Best regards,

Hemendra 978A