9th Meeting Minutes—July 05, 2020.

Date: July 05, 2020
Venue: SEBS Office

Chairperson: Rastra Bhushan Khadka


1. Rastra Bhushan Khadka (President)
2. Saughat Pakhrin Lama (Vice President)
3. Supun Dahal (General Secretary)
4. Tilak Dhital (Treasurer)
5. Barsha Dharel (Member)
6. Manusmriti Baral (Member)
7. Hemendra Bohra (Member)


1. Rajendra Khatri (Member)
2. Abhishek Basnyat (Member)
3. Aastha Neupane (Member)
4. Saroj Tamrakar (Member) 


  1. SEBS Office Shift
  2. Discrimination and Harassment in BNKS  
  3. Laptop donation to School
  4. Change of signatories in Himalayan Bank
  5. Any other business


  1. SEBS Office Shift
    The executive team explored many places where we could shift our office but due to ongoing lockdown we were not able to find a suitable space. Therefore, the team decided to move out and store the official documents with Mr. Rastra Bhushan Khadka and the furniture and equipment at Mr. Hemendra Bohra’s house for time being. The team is still exploring for better options and will shift when we find one.
  1. Discrimination and Harassment in BNKS
    Following up with the harassment issue in BNKS, the executive team has decided to form a working committee to conduct actions regarding the issue. This committee will include BarshaDharel, Supun Dahal and Manusmriti Baral from executive committee. Few more members will be added in the team and they will conduct the following activities:
  • Communicate the ongoing issues with school.
  • Conduct a psychosocial training to BNKS teachers and staffs and make them aware of such issues.
  • Appoint a counselor to school
  • Discuss with school and SEBSers on what more we can do to address the issue. 
  1. Laptop Donation to School
    35 laptops were delivered to the school between May 29 and June 13. Total of NRs 1,177,096.40 was received by SEBS in the SEBS Emergency Fund and BNKS Laptop donation drive. The details of the donation received is tabulated below
1Himalayan Bank (2 Account)        925,792.00 
2Two Laptops received directly worth         126,000.00 
3eSewa Account        125,304.40 
 Total    1,177,096.40 

Amount raised from the members was utilized to buy laptops while and help members affected by COVID-19 pandemic. Remaining amount will be utilized to further support BNKS with laptops in the student’s laptop pool when the school reopen as well as used to support its members when have been affected.

  1. Any Other Business 
    As all the agenda set for the meeting was discussed and there were no new topics, the chairperson thanked the members for their time, wished everyone to stay safe andconcluded.