14th Meeting Minutes—December 14, 2020.

Date: December 14, 2020
Venue: Online via Zoom

Chairperson: Saughat Pakhrin Lama


  1. Saughat Pakhrin Lama (Vice President)
  2. Supun Dahal (General Secretary)
  3. Tilak Dhital (Treasurer)
  4. Rajendra Khatri (Member)
  5. Saroj Tamrakar (Member)
  6. Manusmriti Baral (Member)
  7. Hemendra Bohra (Member)
  8. Aastha Neupane (Member)


  1. Rastra Bhushan Khadka (President)
  2. Abhishek Basnyat (Member)
  3. Barsha Dharel (Member)


  1. Renewal of SEBS Registration
  2. Website Development of SEBS


  1. Renewal of SEBS Registration
    Chairperson informed the participants of the meeting of the completion of SEBS registration renewal process at the District Administrative Office, Kathmandu and also thanked to all the members who put their effort in completing the renewal.
  1. Website Development of SEBS
    The executive committee has decided to initiate an official website for SEBS. The domain name sebs.org.np. has been registered for that purpose. The meeting also decided to form two member SEBS IT Team and appointed SarojTamrakar and Prabhat Giri as members of the team. Team will be coordinated and lead by SarojTamrakar.  

    SEBS IT Team will have the following responsibilities:
  • Finalize the TOR for the “Design and Development of SEBS Website”.
  • Publicly request for quotation for the “Design and Development of SEBS Website” in SEBS Facebook Page
  • Received and evaluate the quotation in coordination with the executive committee and recommend the individual/firm for contractual agreement
  • Coordinate with the vender during the design, development and testing of the website
  • Manage all the logistics required for hosting the website
  • Look into the management and maintenance of the website

As all the agenda set for the meeting was discussed and there were no new discussion topics, the chairperson thanked the members for their time, wished everyone to stay safe and take care and concluded.