13th Meeting Minutes—October 11, 2020.

Date: Octobor 11, 2020
Venue: Online via Zoom

Chairperson: Rastra Bhushan Khadka


  1. Rastra Bhushan Khadka (President)
  2. Saughat Pakhrin Lama (Vice President)
  3. Supun Dahal (General Secretary)
  4. Barsha Dharel (Member)
  5. Manusmriti Baral (Member)
  6. Hemendra Bohra (Member)Rajendra Khatri (Member)
  7. Abhishek Basnyat (Member)
  8. Aastha Neupane (Member)


  1. Tilak Dhital (Treasurer)
  2. Saroj Tamrakar (Member)


  1. SEBS Constitution Amendment and Institutional appraisal team
  2. Update on meeting with SAHAD and BNKS teachers
  3. Proposal from BBC


  1. SEBS Constitution Amendment and Institutional appraisal team
    The excom conducted different meetings with A, B, C and D batch representatives separately. The main agenda of the meeting was to choose team members for Institutional appraisal and to discuss general activities that SEBS could conduct this year. 

    The team has been formed with 1 male representative and 1 female representative from each batch group (batch alphabet) from the consent of all batch representatives. The members of this team are:
  1. Santosh Bista (131A)
  2. Shyam KC (252 A)
  3. Bimal Kumar Khadka (334A)
  4. Gyanendra Raj Pandey (937A)
  5. Srijana Chhetri (590B)
  6. Bishan Wagle (952B)
  7. Jyoti Maya Pandey (392C)
  8. Avash Pandit (816C)
  9. Anup Uprety (6062D)
  10. Anjila Rijal (9004D)
  11. Supun Dahal (4051D) – Executive Committee Representative
  12. Expert – Appointed by the taskforce (Non Voting Member)

    Excom has prepared a ToR for the team to organize their activities, which state the objective of this team in 2 parts; to conduct institutional appraisal of SEBS and to suggest possible amendment of SEBS Constitution. The working term of this team will be 90 days from beginning.
  1. Update on meeting with SAHAD
    The excom conducted two different meetings; one with the members of SAHAD and another was a joint meeting with SEBS excom, FOBS excom, SAHAD members and few BNKS teachers. The objective of both the meetings were to conduct activities to disallow and discourage harassment and discrimination within BNKS.

    The joint meeting concluded to form a team from representatives of each group who will work to conduct activities in this regard. From SEBS, two members from SAHAD team will represent in the team. 

    The meeting with SAHAD members included a proposal of SEBS justice fund. The purpose of the Justice Fund is to aware students of various issues of social injustices and discriminations both at the school and in the country and to encourage them to be active participants in forging equitable and just solutions. The fund will aid various student-led clubs and organizations of BNKS to organize intraand/or inter-school events that advance the values of inclusion, diversity, equity, and justice.

    The proposal from SAHAD included various aspects such as application procedure, implementation, guidelines and principles. After evaluating all aspects, the excom has decided to go forward and establish the Justice Fund.
  1. Proposal from BBC
    Budhanilkantha Business Saving and Credit Cooperative Ltd. (BBC) is a cooperative established by members of SEBS. BBC has been collaborating with SEBS in various financial aspects. In addition to that, BBC has proposed to form organized collaboration with SEBS to conduct following financial support for the benefit of SEBSers and the organization:
  1. Maintaining Accounts of SEBS.
  2. Management of SEBS Loan and Grant Fund
  3. Management of SEBS Scholarship to BNKS Students
  4. SEBS Complex/Permanent Office of SEBS Owned by SEBS Members through BBC

    The excom has discussed various possibilities on how to organize this collaboration to create a mutual support for both the organization and will begin working with BBC in financial management of SEBS soon.

As all the agenda set for the meeting was discussed and there were no new topics, the chairperson thanked the members for their time, wished everyone to stay safe and concluded.