SEBS election 2078


SEBS Constitution 2052, Section 4 (Clauses 10, 11, 12) stipulates the holding of an Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Sub-Articles under the above Article further define and clarify the role, duties, and rights of the AGM.

The SEBS Election Committee (EC) is formally constituted biennially as per Section (7), of the SEBS Constitution in order to organize and hold elections for the formation of a successor SEBS Executive Committee during the AGM.

As per Section (7) Article 21 (b) of the SEBS Constitution, the incumbent SEBS Executive Committee (2019/2021) constituted a 3-member SEBS Election Committee-2078, for the purpose of conducting election for the incoming SEBS executive committee (2021/2023). The Committee comprises of a Chairperson and two members.

The Committee, as per its mandate, hereby presents the following plan for the electoral process and set of rules for the holding of the new Executive-Committee election at the 39th SEBS AGM 2021 [scheduled by the Executive-Committee for October 2, 2021 (16 Asoj, 2078]


As per its mandate, SEBS Election Committee 2078, hereby, announces the following election timetable for the new election. Although we have piloted the use of online voting through Sebsonline in 2013 and other SEBS AGM elections held since then, because of lack of legal clarity and the need for more time to prepare technically, the election Committee has decided to use on the spot voting for this AGM.

The Committee has formally opened the electoral process from today. The following timetable is proposed for information and full adherence and cooperation by all the SEBS members. The timetable however may be subject to changes for any unforeseen situations or if deemed necessary and as decided by the Election Committee.

2.1 Election Timetable 2078

  • Proposed Election Time Table for the election to the SEBS Executive Committee 2021/2023. (Ex-Com Tenure: (October 2021 – September 2023)
  • Election Committee (EC) formally constituted as per Ex-Com decision. Decision has been posted on / SEBS Office Noticeboard / FB page
  • Publication of election time table/rules September 22, 2021 Via / SEBS Office Noticeboard / Facebook Page
  • Filing of candidacies start date (September 22, 2021): Email can be send at
  • Official Endorsement of Election Committee by AGM October 2, 2021
  • Deadline for Filing of Candidacy October 2, 2021, AGM Venue
  • SEBS AGM Day- Election Process Timeline: AGM Venue
  • Candidacy submission The exact timing of this schedule will be announced during the closed session of the AGM.
  • Announcement of preliminary list of candidates
  • Withdrawal/Objection (30 min)
  • Preparation for final list (30 min)
  • Declaration of final list/all candidates at the AGM Venue (30 min)
  • Voting Begins
  • Vote Counting
  • Final declaration of Results
  • AGM Venue
  • Issuance of certificates, handover to the new Ex-Com, by the EC AGM Venue

The Committee thus declares open the electoral process beginning from September 22, 2021 and seeks nomination from eligible SEBS members interested to serve in the new SEBS Executive Committee as office bearers, to file their candidacies as per guidance below.


3.1 Executive Committee Positions:

As per Section (4) clause 13 (sub-clause 1) of the SEBS Constitution 2052 (Fourth Amendment, 2069), SEBS Executive Committee will consist of a maximum of 13 members including 9 elected members and 4 nominated members (sub-clause 2). The Committee will oversee the elections for the following 9 positions , only.

  1. President (1)
  2. Vice president-VP (1)
  3. General Secretary (1)
  4. Treasurer (1)
  5. Executive Members (5)

3.2 Criteria for the Candidates:

The SEBS constitution has following criteria for the members interested to serve in the SEBS Executive Committee:

  • Should not have been declared incapable by the law, or convicted for criminal offences.
  • Should be in sound physical and mental health.
  • Candidate must be an active or life-member of SEBS. Active member is a member with renewed annual membership or life membership. Members without renewed membership need to deposit the membership renewal fees in addition to the nomination fees.

The person desiring to be the President of SEBS should fulfill the following additional criteria:

  • Should have served at least 1 year in the previous Executive Committees of SEBS.
  • Should have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in any field.
  • Should be of at least 25 years of age on the final date of submission of candidacy.

3.3 Nomination Fees:

The non-refundable nomination fees for the different positions of the executive committee are as follows:

  • President: Rs. 2,500.00
  • Vice President: Rs. 1,500.00
  • General Secretary: Rs. 1,500.00
  • Treasurer: Rs. 1,500.00
  • Executive Member (5 positions): Rs. 500.00

Interested candidates may deposit the nomination fees at the SEBS office or during the SEBS AGM. However, nomination forms without the proof of deposit of the nomination fees will not be acceptable.

3.4 Submission of Nominations:

Candidates can submit their nominations online by sending an email at together with the following:

  • Scanned passport size photo,
  • Recent CV (clearly documenting educational and professional accomplishments)
  • Other details (email address, receipt number of the nomination fee deposit)

Candidates can also submit their nominations offline by filing the ‘SEBS Election Candidacy Form’ at the event venue on the event day itself.

All the Election Committee members will automatically receive email with online submissions at

3.5 Confirmation of Application:

The SEBS Election Committee will confirm and acknowledge each application for candidacy. Subsequently it will make a formal announcement on the first list of the total number of applications received for different positions.

3.6 Mandatory physical presence during AGM:

Potential candidates seeking office are required to be physically present at the SEBS AGM.

Candidates who are not physically present themselves at the AGM venue in Kathmandu on the day will not be included in the final list of the candidates and will not be allowed to contest election.

3.7 Withdrawal/Rejection of Application and Publication of Final List of Candidates:

The SEBS Election Committee will provide reasonable time for objections to any of the candidacies and withdrawal of nominations.

3.8 Eligibility to Vote:

Only SEBS members who have signed themselves present in the official register at the AGM venue by 3 pm shall be permitted to vote. Verification of the names shall be conducted as necessary. 


4.1 All potential candidates are to note the mandatory physical presence provision (3.6 above)

4.2 Objections/Disqualifications:

  1. For eligible SEBS members who are physically present in the AGM, Election Committee has the discretion to allow or to disallow filing of nominations based on the principle of “No Objection” for any special circumstances. The Committee’s decisions will be final and cannot be contested.
  2. Any candidate attempting to pressurize, or give threat or attempt to harm the members of Election Committee will be automatically declared disqualified and legal action will be taken by the SEBS Executive committee.
  3. Strict legal action will be taken to any candidate/ members or personnel found to be creating or trying to create any disturbance to the planned electoral processes.

4.3 Application of the Election Rules:

This SEBS Election Rule-2078 will come into effect from the first day of the start of the election process i.e. 22 September 2021 (6 Asoj 2078)

4.4 Ability to Change Rules:

SEBS Election Committee reserves the right to change the rules for smooth functioning of the election process if it is deemed necessary.

Thank you everyone for your cooperation. Best of luck to the interested candidates.

SEBS Election Committee 2078
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Chairperson: Bijaya Babu Shiwakoti (355 C)
Member: Tejsu Malla (248 C)
Member: Sitasma Sharma (4019 D)
Webmaster: Rajan Nepal (418B)