Unlearn is a monthly talk series that aims to create a safe space for us to come together as a community to unlearn exclusion and relearn social justice. The series is conceptualized and organized by the SEBS Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination (SAHAD) Committee with the support of our stakeholders, including Budhanilkantha School and Friends of Budhanilkantha School (FOBS).

The series explores a range of topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion, bullying, bigotry, body shaming, discrimination and harassment, intersectionality, privilege, mental health, emotional intelligence, consent, etc and all such matters that are pertinent in fashioning a more just and inclusive educational space. These conversations either start with presentations from experts in the field, or involve panel discussions among experts. As such, SAHAD is always in the look-out for recommendations of experts who can lead these conversations. 

Unlearn Series