Justice Fund

Information for the Donors

The SEBS Social Justice Fund is a SAHAD initiative that will provide micro-grants to BNKS students to undertake actionable projects that advance justice, equity, inclusion, and diversity inside and outside the school. Its purpose is to support student-led initiatives against social injustices both at BNKS and in Nepal at-large. 

Through the fund, we want to encourage BNKS students to be color-brave in addressing centuries’ old injustices, to realize the power they hold in shaping our society, and to actively partake in forging equitable solutions to injustices both at school and in the country. To receive funding, clubs and student groups must demonstrate how their proposed activities advance these values.

The fund will be managed and implemented by the SAHAD-Justice Fund committee, which will consist of a president, secretary, treasurer, a school liaison officer, two fundraisers, and a website/data manager.

We hope to raise USD 2,000-3,000 each year on a SEBS-excom-authorized bank account. The Justice Fund committee will ensure accountability and transparency of the funds raised and utilized, with periodic updates on student-led projects’ overall status provided through newsletters and SEBS’ website.

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Information for Applicants

The application for the funding will open at the start of every school-year after prefectship and club memberships have been awarded, and will remain open until the end of January. Once awarded, the finalists will not only receive funding but also mentorship from SAHAD to plan and implement their proposed activities. 

The proposed activity should be in line with the values of the Justice Fund; equally, it should be realistic, measurable, and time-bound. For more guidelines on the application, check the SEBS Social Justice Fund Information Booklet.

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