Call for SEBS Rep for BNKS Board of Trustees

As per SEBS Executive Committee Meeting of November 20, 2021, a Past Presidents Committee (PPC) has been formed to select a new Board of Trustees (BOT) representative from SEBS for Budhanilkantha School.

The PPC consists of the following past presidents:

  1. Piush Kayastha 223A, President 1986-1987.
  2. Mangesh Thapa 733A, President 1988-1989.
  3. Bishan Wagle 952B, President 2005-2006.
  4. Tejsu Malla 248C, President 2012-2013
  5. Sneedha Mainali 136C, President 2013-2015, 2015-2017
  6. Vidhan Rana 349C, President 2017-2019
  7. Rastra Khadka 267B, President 2019-2021

SEBS President, Hemendra Bohra, will serve as the Member Secretary of the PPC and will assist in the selection process.

These are the minimum criteria for selection:

  1. Should be of minimum 35 years of age.
  2. Should have completed at least Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  3. Shouldn’t have any children currently studying in Budhanilkantha School.
  4. Shouldn’t be currently employed by Budhanilkantha School.
  5. Should be currently residing in Nepal.

Process for the selection

Anyone interested shall send an interest letter and CV to SEBS President / Member Secretary via email to by 13th January 2022. The interest letter should highlight the candidate’s contribution towards Budhanilkantha School and SEBS. The PPC shall hold a meeting within one week of the application deadline to shortlist the candidates. The PPC shall make its final recommendation to SEBS Excomm by 23rd January 2022. SEBS Excomm shall make its decision by 31st January 2022.


Until the PPC makes its recommendation and is approved by the SEBS Excomm, Prajesh Thapa shall continue to serve as the representative of SEBS in the BOT.

SEBS Excomm will have the authority to approve or reject the recommendations made by the PPC.