SEBS Networking Forum- Engineering and Architecture Sector

A networking event for the Engineering and Architrcture was held at Leapfrog Technology, Charkhal on July 15, 2023. More than 65 alumni from the 1st to the 4000E batch participated and networked. We hope to build on the event and continue facilitating networking opportunities.

Thank you to all the panelists — 132A Komal Karki, 533A Suman Meher Shrestha, 324B Bikram Rana Tharu, 0119C Pratyush Jha and 8204D Raksha Chaudhary for sharing your experiences and insights. Thank you 401A Shuva Sharma for moderating, and 2120E Aditi Subedi for hosting the event.

We are grateful for the words of encouragement from 131A Santosh Bisht, 173A Dwarika Shrestha, 559B Prajesh Bikram Thapa and 255A Laxman Sharma.

Our special thanks to 528B Himal Karmacharya for letting us use the Leapfrog Technology premises and 401A Shuva Sharma for facilitating and guiding the organizing team.

We are grateful to our sponsors : Scott Wilson Nepal and 400B Batch and all the participants for making the event a resounding success.
We would love to get your feedback on the event: