20th Meeting Minutes—22nd April 2023

Date: 22nd April 2023 

Venue: Everest Manla Resort, Nagarkot 

Meeting Brief: The 20th meeting of the SEBS executive committee (2021-2023), chaired by president Hemendra Singh Bohra, deliberated and decided on various agenda.    


  1. Hemendra Singh Bohr
  2. Priyanka Sharma 
  3. Tilak Prasad Dhital 
  4. Nitanta Singh Bista 
  5. Nayan Pokharel-Online 
  6. Saroj Tamrakar 
  7. Sunnie Joshi-Online 


  1. Financial Update for the month of Chaitra  
  2. Donation for school’s initiatives and alumni database 
  3. Scholarship for Post SEE Students 
  4. SEBS Sandhya II 2023- Fund raising for ABC 
  5. AOB 

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