SEBS Database

SEBS database is a cartelized collection of basic information relating to SEBSers.
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Ex-students of Budhanilakantha School are around the globe. We can say that for SEBSers sun never sets. Individual who are from almost every walk of life from Nepal, housed under the same roof are taking most diversified fields on the surface of the earth today. Boosting this facts and number of members, we need a platform to communicate, and linkup. Information, communication and linkup is the future of achieving the desired goal, SEBSers cannot escape this reality. With the motto SEBS for SEBSers, its alma mater and the nation” having information on where about of its members, linking them, communicating with them is the basis for the realization of SEBS Database.

Database Project

The need for the SEBS database system has been identified by various stakeholders of SEBS. Many SEBSers have worked tirelessly and given their time and effort to overcome the initial issues and floated the idea across all the SEBSers. Special thanks have to be given to SEBSers who contributed to this undertaking.

SEBS at this point would like to take the lead role in having the SEBS database system in place within one year and go online by the next annual general meeting of SEBS. To achieve this task SEBS will work closely with stakeholders and Budhanilkantha School.

Request for feedback on the draft SEBS Data Security and Protection Policy.

SEBS members with experience in the IT sector volunteered to draft the initial version of SEBS Data Security and Protection Policy, which was then reviewed by SEBS members who are legal professionals. The draft was also shared with SEBS-NA, SEBS-UK/Europe, and SEBS-AU for initial feedback. At this point, we would like to request the larger SEBS community to review the policy and give your inputs/feedback by July 19, 2020. The policy can be accessed at

SEBS Data Security and Protection Policy

Database Team

Core Team
Hemendra Bohra (... A)
Srijana Chettri (... B)
Chandra Maharzan (...B)
IT Expers
Hitesh Karki (... B)
Anjib Shakya (...B)
Legal Advisors
Bolaram Pandey (...A)
Anjan Neupane (...C)