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Many lives have been affected by the ongoing pandemic. SEBS has provided financial help to few of our alumni who have been affected and we further plan to support our members in this difficult time.

Area of Suport

In order to support our members, our school, and the society, SEBS executive committee has decided to conduct a donation drive. Donation received will be utilized as following:

Laptop for BNKS

Budhanilkantha School has been conducting online classesfor the last few weeks. School is using Microsoft Teams as the platform for online classes and is providing data packages to those students in need. In this regard, BNKS wants to give laptop to each teacher so that they can conduct online classes more efficiently and have requested for 35 laptops (another 35 will be funded by BNKS and Budhanilkantha School Endowment Fund). SEBS has already received the specification. These laptops will remain as the school property. For these 35 laptops, we expect the amount to be almost 17,300 USD (assuming NPR. 60,000 for each laptop). This is a part of our larger effort to help school develop and implement a digital use plan.

Support Members

Some of our members financially struggling for basic necessities because of the current situation. We are already supporting some of our sisters and brothers in thistime of need, and anticipate supporting more in the future.As our social responsibility we may need to support our community as well.

Donations can be made on

Account No: 1906018790044
Name: For Foreign Donations and Transfers
Bank: Himalayan Bank
Branch: Thamel

Using eSewa: Click Here

If you are abroad you can make donation to SEBS-NA, SEBS-AU, SEBS-UK/Europe.
To donate to SEBS-NA follow this link:
Thank you for your continued support. SEBS Executive Committee

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We urge all SEBSers to support our alma mater, our members and community in this challenging time. Your contribution will be highly valued.